Wealth is personal.

Despite what some advisors might claim, there really is no robotic answer. It’s why we have different strategies for different objectives. Every client gets a portfolio custom-built to their objectives. Our return experience tool illustrates our track record across a conservative, balanced and growth portfolios and provides notable milestones along the way. 

Desired rate of return6.0%
  • Aggressive
  • Balanced
  • Conservative
Initial investment





This is the portfolio mix that roughly approximates the breakdown of assets you'd need to get this return. Click on any of the assets to get a description of what they are, or click on the categories for more information on them.

For your information
  1. The benchmark for the conservative composite is the median return of the Morningstar Global Fixed Income Balanced Peer Group
  2. The benchmark for the balanced composite is the median return of the Morningstar Global Neutral Balanced Peer group.
  3. The benchmark for the growth composite is the median return of the Morningstar Global Equity Balanced Peer group.
  4. Returns presented are after fees.
  5. Returns presented are monthly returns.
  6. All Kinsted Wealth client accounts that meet the following criteria are included in these returns.
  7. The accounts are invested in a similar mandate.
  8. There were no cashflows greater than 30% in the month.
  9. Cash holdings where less than 20% of the account during the month.
  10. The account has been open for at least 3 months.
  11. The account has not switched investment styles during the month.