We’ve got you.

The financial industry is not an easy thing to navigate. The Canadian government recently put out a statement warning “banks aren’t there to look out for your financial interest”. Finding someone to help manage your wealth, is a precarious task. It’s why Kinsted was founded. Our team believed there was a better way to manage your wealth.

We keep the industry jargon to a minimum.

A lot of our industry is shrouded in confusing terminology, which is why we try to keep the lingo as straightforward as possible.  

We are fully transparent, all the time.

Full stop. We take no kickbacks for selling specific products, there are no hidden commissions, and our only source of revenue is what our client’s pay us.

We keep our pencils sharp and our egos in check.

Our team is comprised of CFA Charterholders and MBAs who have proven track records in our industry. But we’re also a group of people who understand the value of staying humble while making confident investment decisions.

Royce Baker, CFA

Wealth Counsellor//Partner

Excellent campfire vocalist, passionate about the market.

Royce’s gregarious, fun-loving nature is immediately apparent to anyone who meets him. Anyone who spends time with him knows that in addition to enjoying a good laugh Royce is also a perceptive and intuitive leader with a huge heart. He was called to the industry by a deep passion for the market and behavioural finance and has spent the past three decades as a portfolio manager, crafting investment strategies for private clients, foundations and trusts. Before he entered the world of finance, Royce spent years chasing pucks on a scholarship from Dalhousie. Nowadays, along with his wife Lisa, he’s chasing his three sons across Canada, as they pursue degrees at various universities. Outside of work Royce loves golf, socializing, coaching team sports, fly-fishing and a good campfire sing-along.

Collin Gordon, MBA

Wealth Counsellor//Partner

Loves cars, has a pet dragon.

Looking only at Collin’s advanced degrees and more than two decades of impressive financial industry experience one might expect Collin to have a chip on his shoulder. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth; his affable disposition is made immediately apparent the moment he walks into any room. In addition to an impeccable track record in the financial industry, consulting for investment advisors and institutional clients, Collin has also fathered three young children whose athletic pursuits keep both him and his wife busy. The Gordon household is also home to what could be characterized as a micro-zoo, comprised of a dog, dwarf hamster and bearded dragon. When Collin finds a spare moment his favourite hobby is amateur car racing, although he won’t turn down an opportunity to spend some time on the back nine. Born and raised in Calgary, Collin believes strongly in giving back to the community, and he can often be found contributing both time and money alongside his family. 

Jeff Howard, CFA

Wealth Counsellor//Partner

Top-ranked cribbage player in the office.

When it comes to wealth management Jeff has done it all — he ran his own very successful financial planning business, he worked for a large multinational bank, as well as an insurance company, and has been managing portfolios for close to a decade. He’s a great listener, a man of convictions, and makes time to know his clients on a personal level. Personal, and industry accolades aside, Jeff’s biggest claim to fame, aside from finding a charming lawyer lady to marry him, may be his wonderfully dry sense of humour. If his penchant for hilarious side-comments delivered with a stone-cold expression doesn’t at least garner a chuckle, you’re probably not human. A real family man, Jeff is happiest spending time with his wife and two kids at their cabin, and thoroughly enjoys a game of cribbage. Outside of time with the family, Jeff can be found golfing or playing hockey, two sports which he professes to enjoy mostly for the post-game beer. He’s also a massive fan of the NFL, with a life-long dream of making it to every stadium in the world. 

Simon Lau, MBA

Wealth Counsellor

Life-long learner with two kids off the payroll.

A steady and reliable professional, Simon seems far too spry to have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He spent the first 20 as an investment advisor and then decided to pursue an interest in portfolio management. He’s a humble student of the market and is committed to evolving alongside it. He’s loved soccer since childhood and isn’t letting the aging process slow down his passion, although he’s quickly earning an appreciation for golf. Chipping or pitching tips are welcome. Alongside his wife, he’s raised two sons both of which are well into exciting careers of their own — one as a video-game designer the other as a civil-engineer.

Brent Smith, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Easy going smarty pants with a love for dogs.

Brent is a globetrotter with three dogs and the kind of experience one longs for. He's seen it all, done it all, and rinsed and repeated. For over 25 years, Brent has been cracking smiles and making waves in the investment industry. His easygoing and collaborative style has earned him points with everyone, as well as his dedication to finance and the ability to manage significant funds wisely and tactfully. When he's not managing global teams or working with big names, he's crushing war novels and spending time with his lovely wife.

Naomi Shumka, CMA


Social butterfly with a heart of gold.

Naomi is an avid sports enthusiast, with interests ranging from curling in the winter to surfing off the coast of Portugal in the summer. If you called her a multi-tasking powerhouse, you wouldn’t be wrong - she balances a demanding job with volunteering at her daughters’ school and team managing their sports. Plus, lucky for us, she's a whizz with numbers. With a Bachelor of Commerce, experience at Invesco Ltd & Investors Group, and as CEO, COO, and CFO of the Shumka household she's seen it all and conquered it. Thanks to some solid stints in the corporate world, alongside two children born 17 months apart, she’s earned the tenacity and perseverance to make it through anything.

Adam Payne, CFA

Wealth Counsellor

Anything by Malcolm Gladwell, can lift heavy objects.

It’s not surprising that the founding members of Kinsted jumped at the chance to hire Adam. He graduated in the top ten percent of his class, received the Queens Venturer Award, and is remarkably kind-hearted and easy to talk to, or as his 4-year-old daughter describes him “selfless and nice”. Adam likes to spend his time travelling with his wife and their two children, powerlifting, and reading anything by Malcolm Gladwell or Michael Lewis. He also manages to squeeze in volunteer work for Scouts Canada, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Calgary Food Bank. 

Josh Nakesch, CFA

Wealth Counsellor

Board sport enthusiast, part time dog trainer.

Josh has a positive, straightforward disposition. He joined the Kinsted team from a large independent firm. A true financial whiz, when he’s not at work, he donates his time to the Dear Heart Foundation as their Director of Finance. Outside of his passion for numbers, he loves any sport that involves a board. Summers alongside his girlfriend are dedicated to surfing, winters to snowboarding, but he’ll also say yes to golf, hiking, or just about anything that involves being outside. The dynamic duo have also added a German Shepherd puppy to the mix to join them on their adventures.

Mike van Son, CFA

Wealth Counsellor

College basketball champ, recreational creative thinker.

Known as 'Smiley Mike,' this guy finds a way to prosper with positivity in every situation. Mike has worked with multiple teams within the wealth management industry and has experience ranging from portfolio management to client acquisition. When he's not hitting the office, he's hitting the court for some post work b-ball, or learning classic rock songs on his guitar. In his university years he played for the Concordia Thunder before moving to Lethbridge. As a people person, Mike has brought loads of success to the team. He takes his radiant personality wherever he goes, including his jaunts to Costa Rica, Norway, and Texas, to name a few.

Nanette Henderson

Client Services

Former figure-skater, current power-house, forever pizza lover.

Nanette, aka. Nan, knows a thing or two about getting it done. Having owned a top tier skating school for four decades, and worked as an administrator for close to two, there’s not a lot that fazes her. Fiercely organized and independent, she’s an incredibly warm person who you’re bound to share a laugh with almost immediately. In addition to her exceptional organizational skills, Nanette is also a certified A&B level ringette coach who coached her daughters’ teams helping them bring home several medals at a provincial level. With her two girls off at university, Nanette has lots of time for her husband and fur baby, Maya. Outside of skating Nanette loves travelling to Mexico, swimming, golf, gardening and the all-time most magnificent food ever invented, pizza.

Jodi Johnston

Client Services

Ginger-coloured cat owner, might be magic.

With more than a decade of experience managing relationships and logistics in the financial industry, Jodi is a beacon of positivity wherever she goes, but has really brought the magic to Kinsted where everyone who meets her greatly appreciates her cheerful, enthusiastic disposition. An easterner at heart, Jodi was raised in PEI wearing cleats on the rugby field and point shoes on the stage — the perfect metaphor for her elegant, no-nonsense approach to work. In addition to a very handsome ginger-coloured feline, her house is home to her young daughter and an exceptionally enthusiastic NBA fan who also happens to be her husband. When she’s not with her family, Jodi loves a hardcore workout (she’s been known to goad co-workers into participating) and anything to do with interior design. She has yet to meet anyone who rivals her passion for throw pillows.

Sheryl Wilcox

Client Services

Team player who crushes novels in her spare time.

Sheryl is an administrative guru. Her experience in Finance and Insurance is second to none, with over 14 years of immersive experience.  From staff management to training newbies, to problem-solving for tough clients - her positivity has left every sector of finance a little bit brighter. This detail-oriented thinker doesn't back down from a challenge, but when it's time to take off her many hats, she enjoys quiet time with a book in her backyard. Sheryl also loves spending time with her family, including cuddles with her grandson Hunter and the family dog Ace.