Let's keep this simple.


You've worked hard to earn what you have. We're here to help you grow it.

We’re not like other wealth management firms, which is why we don’t talk like other wealth management firms.  So instead of wading through a paragraph of industry jargon, we are going to cut right to it.

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You can't predict the market. But you can plan for it.

Instead of approaching the task of managing our clients’ wealth with an inflated sense of confidence, and overused adjectives, at Kinsted we’ve opted for a different route -- complete transparency, values that we talk about less and demonstrate more, and a team of exceptionally well-educated, financial minds.

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Our independence ensures yours.

We have been safeguarding and growing our clients’ money free from undue influence for close to two decades. As an independent firm, we’ve made decisions unfettered by the pressures of large institutions, undisclosed kickbacks, and hidden commissions, which means more money in your pocket.

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