Welcome to a world where all investors are equal.

We’ve always been told that investing is only about publicly traded stocks and bonds – the “market”. Is that because there is no alternative? Well, we are here to set the record straight. Those days are long past. Why do large global institutions, managing Trillions of dollars, not have all of their money in the “market”? Simply because there is a superior solution and now it’s available to individual investors. Welcome to Kinsted!

The industry has built barriers to benefit themselves. Let's turn the tables, together.

What is your investible universe?

Stocks and bonds are just one component of a very vast universe of investment opportunities.

It’s now time to expand your investment universe.

There is an alternative without barriers.

Your investment choices are much larger than the industry has led you to believe. We’ve partnered with the most exclusive and successful institutional asset managers in the world – in order to open access for you. The banks and fund companies haven't done this because they profit from the status quo. Don’t be limited by what the industry tells you– there is a better way to have your money managed and we will show you how.

Like all good things, it begins with an honest conversation.

Client discovery - we get personal.

Money is personal, emotional and complicated, which is why we need to talk about it. The more we can understand your situation and goals for the future, the better able we are to serve your needs.

Portfolio development - we colour with every crayon in the box.

At this stage we determine the asset classes that we want to invest in, and the best way to invest within each asset class. We then determine the appropriate allocations to these investment categories based on a function of your objectives, risk tolerances, tax implications, time horizon, income needs, or other assets and circumstances unique to you.

Implementation - we are singularly focused on what's right for you.

Our independence allows us to provide you with superior options on securities. Our proprietary monitoring software allows us to monitor each account to its respective investment policy and current strategy – from the overall consolidated asset mix right down to the individual security level for each account. This enhances our ability to take care of you each and every day.

Communication - we get on the same page, and we stay there.

We clearly articulate your investment objectives, then report formally and check in informally. You’re then invited to stay up to date with your own online portal. Perhaps most importantly, we provide you  unfettered access to our portfolio managers for questions, concerns or anything else that may arise.

Are we a fit?

We are best suited for people that have limited time, interest or expertise to directly manage their money. With consideration for capital preservation and responsible growth, we allocate your investments based on what makes the most sense for your circumstances. Our platform is no longer restricted to traditional barriers and borders.

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