Welcome to a world where all investors are equal.

We’ve always been told that investing is only about publicly traded stocks and bonds – the “market”. Is that because there is no alternative? Well, we are here to set the record straight. Those days are long past. Why do large global institutions, managing Trillions of dollars, not have all of their money in the “market”? Simply because there is a superior solution and now it’s available to individual investors. Welcome to Kinsted!

It's a new day with certain realities. You will see specific opportunities.

Limited exposure to traditional Fixed Income

Today, because bond yields are so low, we don't think they offer a lot of downside protection.

This is not your Father's Fixed Income

Diversification Potential is Now Limited

Portfolio returns that used to be attainable with limited risk, now require significantly more risk. Capital market expectations are underwhelming. As a result, diversification potential has become limited. In order to overcome these new realities, you must go beyond the constraints of a traditional 60% Equity and 40% Fixed Income portfolio. Non-public investments can fill the gap.

Why a non-public path is the only way beyond?

Kinsted has access to asset classes that other investment dealers and banks don’t offer for a combination of reasons and motives. Private Banking offers privacy but not this.