Welcome to a world where all investors are equal.

We’ve always been told that investing is only about publicly traded stocks and bonds – the “market”. Is that because there is no alternative? Well, we are here to set the record straight. Those days are long past. Why do large global institutions, managing Trillions of dollars, not have all of their money in the “market”? Simply because there is a superior solution and now it’s available to individual investors. Welcome to Kinsted!

This is where it becomes very tangible. You can actually see, touch and feel these opportunities.

Diversification via exclusivity

Our Real Asset pool consists of real estate, infrastructure, agriculture and timberland. This might sound familiar but it is not your typical, available to the public investment opportunity.

Now you are investing like a Sovereign Wealth Fund. Seriously.


These are the engineered assets society needs to provide and maintain for transportation, distribution and other essential urban and rural services. These opportunities range from the toll roads people pay to drive, the bridges people need to cross, the distribution people need for fuel and the treatment plants people need for clean water.

These investments are extremely long-term and critical to economic prosperity and expansion.

Private Real Estate

Although obvious, direct ownership in physical properties include examples such as land, office buildings, apartments, shopping centers and industrial warehouses. This is not indirect ownership through REIT’s or other publicly traded securities such as the homebuilders. They provide Steady rate of cash flow with potential for capital appreciation.

Agriculture & Timberland

You will achieve direct ownership in agriculture and farming operations with the largest most successful owners/operators in the world; which includes a diverse range of annual and permanent crops across the globe. Examples include direct exposure to assets such as almond & other nut farms, maple syrup plantations, apple orchards, dairy farming, Australian eucalyptus plantations, and just so much more.

If you are looking to diversify with physical assets, we have access.

We have unique access to institutional grade investments typically not available to the Canadian public.

It’s time to put retail exempt market securities behind you (and you know why!) and partner with the biggest and most successful in the world!

Through our Global sub-advisors, you’ll gain access to institutional grade investments. And it’s truly global. Real assets include the investment in physical property that provide the opportunity for capital appreciation and cash flow yield. It includes assets that you can see and feel such as farmland, timberland amongst others.