Welcome to a world where all investors are equal.

We’ve always been told that investing is only about publicly traded stocks and bonds – the “market”. Is that because there is no alternative? Well, we are here to set the record straight. Those days are long past. Why do large global institutions, managing Trillions of dollars, not have all of their money in the “market”? Simply because there is a superior solution and now it’s available to individual investors. Welcome to Kinsted!

There is growth in very unexpected areas. You don't have to rely solely on the public stock market.

Strategic growth

Day-to-day equity markets do not impact our market-neutral fund.

Private Equity gives us access to companies before they go public.

This is seeking out returns less related to the public stock market.

Think zag when everyone else zigs.

Strategic Growth includes assets such as private equity, market neutral strategies, and opportunistic credit strategies. Its goal is to achieve returns above that of the public equity market with a vast reduction in the volatility. In other words – greater return with less risk…not what you are normally told to expect!

Independent returns require private markets to make up the gap.

Private equity

Investments in companies that do not trade publicly. They can be less volatile than the public stock market. There is a broader range of opportunities in this growing sector, but the key is scale and track record. Thus why we partner with the most successful private equity institutions on the planet.

Market neutral and opportunistic credit

Market neutral strategies are structured to deliver consistent returns regardless which way the equity and bond markets are moving.

There’s times when the pricing on debt instruments dislocate from their true value. Those are the times where you want exposure to opportunistic credit strategies.