Welcome to a world where all investors are equal.

We’ve always been told that investing is only about publicly traded stocks and bonds – the “market”. Is that because there is no alternative? Well, we are here to set the record straight. Those days are long past. Why do large global institutions, managing Trillions of dollars, not have all of their money in the “market”? Simply because there is a superior solution and now it’s available to individual investors. Welcome to Kinsted!

Oceans are no longer your border. Let's expand beyond the investment sandbox you are used to.

Strategic Income

We are providing income in the form of non-traditional fixed income.

If you are looking for income, we have all the right buckets.

There is a broker on every corner to take your order

Strategic Income is built to provide a stable and high-income stream that may otherwise be difficult (or virtually impossible) to achieve with traditional fixed income in a low interest rate environment. Positions held could vary from investment grade securities, mortgage related investments, bank loans, direct lending, music royalties & factoring.

Clever buckets provide creative income streams.

Bond rates are only attractive to borrowers. We sought out a new range of proven alternatives.

Investment-grade securities

Infrastructure debt

Bank loans

Mortgage lending

Private lending


Music royalties

Until recently institutional investments were not available to public investors.