2021 - A Year in Review

Date postedDec 30, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, I’d like to look back at what was a relatively great year for Kinsted. This time last year, many of us were unsure of the year ahead and what would be in store for us. After what had been a pretty significant 2020, it was clear that we were in need of a brighter year. From the stock market to the great individuals here at Kinsted and our continued commitment to giving back, I am happy to reflect on this past year. 

The Market

2021 turned out to be a very good year for the stock market. The fixed income market (bonds and “income funds”) started to show some of the enormous risks that exist in this asset class. It is essential that investors fully appreciate the risks of the stock and fixed income markets. We want to assure you that Kinsted’s expansion into the private institutional markets (debt, infrastructure, agriculture and equity) continues to reduce our client’s risk and enhance returns.


I am honoured to work with a resilient group of people that put their clients first by making sacrifices beyond expectations. Even with the many challenges of the pandemic, our team is more committed to our vision of “providing wealth counselling better than it’s ever been done before.” I want to thank everyone at Kinsted for their efforts this year. 

Corporate Commitment

Adversity brings out true character – and I am so proud to work with people that give so naturally. Our corporate commitment is to donate more than 1% of our top-line revenue to our 4-pillars of giving: “MAKE” (Mental Health, Athletics, Kids, Education). This past year, our team at Kinsted has spent additional time preparing meals for Made By Momma, participating in United Way fundraising campaigns, and contributing to the Afghanistan Resettlement Project - to name just a few. Our purpose as a firm is to positively impact our clients’ lives, our employees’ lives, and the community.

We look forward to the challenges of 2022 and beyond. 

- Royce Baker, President