Wealth is personal.

It’s why we have different strategies for different objectives. Some investors are looking to preserve wealth for future generations; some want to increase their income today. There’s no robotic canned answer, which is why each client gets a portfolio custom-built to their objectives

Our return experience tool was made to visualize how different objectives affect outcomes.

Desired rate of return
  • Aggressive
  • Balanced
  • Conservative
Initial investment





This is the portfolio mix that roughly approximates the breakdown of assets you'd need to get this return. Click on any of the assets to get a description of what they are, or click on the categories for more information on them.

For your information

This information is meant to educate investors about the volatility of returns they may experience in a given year from the time of initial investment. The data shows that while the volatility remains constant overtime through effective diversification, the range of return outcomes can be expected to converge toward the expected return. Historical results are not indicative of future performance. The information provided is intended for educational purposes only. Please consult your investment advisor before acting on the information provided. We do not guarantee the accuracy of data collected from third party sources.

The portfolios shown are representative models based on historical data from December 1979 to March 2018. The indexes that were used for each asset class are: Bonds – FTSE TMX Short Term Bond Index; Preferred shares – FTSE TMX Short Term Bond Index from December 1979 to June 2002 and the S&P TSX Preferred Share index from July 2002 to March 2018; Canadian Equities – S&P TSX Composite index; Canadian Small Cap Equities – S&P TSX index from December 1979 to April 1999 and S&P TSX Small Cap index from May 1999 to March 2018; Enhanced Income & Growth – S&P TSX Composite index; Global Large Cap – MSCI World Equity Index; Emerging Market – MSCI World Index from December 1979 to November 1987 and MSCI Emerging Market Index from December 1987 to March 2018.